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Marquis de la Supply Closet

29 June 1980
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I am girl; hear me roar. :)

My journal is friend's only has you have probably noticed. Look at my interests. Do I amuse you or sound interesting? Well comment at the friend's banner and ask me to add you.

You shut your mouth
How can you say
I go about things the wrong way ?
I am Human and I need to be loved
Just like everybody else does
-How soon is now by The Smiths

I am a 25 yr. old student/minion of the working world. I love Brits, The Lord of the Rings, and Slytherins. It is my firm belief that Trogdor should kill Harry Potter by burning him alive. In my spare time I like to write fanfics and fantasize about Harry Potter's demise. *L*

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Here's the real info on me: I am a bitch, a political science major, a democrat, a believer in gay rights, a believer that marriage can consist of any two people regardless of gender, I am pro-choice, a believer that a woman's body is hers to do with as she chooses, I am a former Catholic who cannot stand the hypocrisy of said religion,but still believes in the right to choose your own religion, I am an activist against domestic violence, I believe the courts should have harsher penalties for domestic violence-no matter if it is a woman or man who commits the crime. I have opinions and will express them and not apologize for my beliefs. I have a self deprecating sense of humor and will often tease the ones I love in fun. I wear my heart on a sleeve. Even though I am a bitch, I love easily, am a romatic at heart and very sentimental. I love foriegn films and will pimp the really good ones. I love all kinds of music-yes this even includes a couple of country and rap songs. I am a slave to the written word. I can't get enough books. I have a ton of books that I haven't even read yet, because I will buy them intending to read them when I have finished a long list of To Read Books. Yes, I am a complete nerd. I RP in RL in a VtM campaign (even though I suck at it).

Don't like what you see? Well make it easier on both of us and don't add me.

Bisexuality is Real.

I am the co-maintainer of
slytherin_sluts with thesnapelyone

Colorbars made by moi:

Just too pretty.

Kate Moennig is love.

Slytherin is parselmouth for sexy

Ted Kennedy: Looking sexier with every beer.

Made by the very talented son_of_darkness:

Lucius/Draco = OTP

Malfoy Is French for Sex

Malfoy is French for “Sex”

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Date Created:7-16-03
Number of Posts: 89

Killer is a student/minion of the working world. She is active in P.A.U.D. to rid the world of Zombies. She is also on a commitee to rid the world of The Boy Who Lived.
Strengths: Disarmingly friendly, evil, smart.
Weaknesses: Often mistakes civilans for zombies.
Special Skills: Sarcasm.
Weapons: Throwing knives.
Allies: All supporters of Death Eaters and Slytherins and any one in general who wants to rid the world of The Boy Who Lived.

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Slytherin of course, because if you are sorted into any other house you might as well kill yourself loser.

i'm in slytherin!


i'm in slytherin!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

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my pet!

"This would be a great place to work, if it wasn't for the fucking customers"-Randall paraphrased from 'Clerks'
"In this world gone mad, we won't spank the monkey. The monkey will spank us."-Jay from 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back'
"I don't know you. That's my purse."-Bobby Hill from 'King of the Hill"
"Nothing that a rooftop and an AK-47 can't take care of"-Janeane Garofolo in Truth about Cats and Dogs
"What do you like to do Freddie?"

"I dunno-burn stuff"-School of Rock
Freddie is hot drummer boy love
Freddie is hot drummer boy love

"A true friend stabs you in the front."-Oscar Wilde

Taken from '28 Days' When asked what, more than anything, they wanted.

"My foreskin back. No one asked me when they took it."-Gerhardt
"Are you lost?"-princessnthepea asking scruffy, farmer type who had just entered the store. And...er no he wasn't lost.
"I'll date murderers, but I won't defend them. Woot for conjucal visits." -killer_the_cat Yes, this quote was by yours truly during a discussion with kotonori and AM about what kind of law I want to practice.
"No, you can't take your cock outside."-My mum talking to Casey the dog when Casey had her stuffed rooster in her mouth.
Finally a quote from kotonori: "I would just like to go on record as never having eaten peasent."
"I'm sorry. All I heard was, 'Blah, blah, blah I'm a dirty tramp.'"-Jan in 'Mr. Deeds'

Dignam: Unfortunately, this shithole has more leaks than the Iraqi navy
Ellerby: Fuck yourself
Dignam: Oh, I'm tired from fucking your wife.
Ellerby: How's your mother?
Dignam: Good, she's tired from fucking my father.
From The Departed
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