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Dun, dun dun dun, BORRRRED!

Okay, had my foot surgery today. And I am already bored. LOL Doesn't help that I have no DSL and Mom is here, refusing to let me leave my apartment until my next apointment with Dr. Nick on Thursay.....NEXT Thursday. *flops dead*

She has taken it upon herself to help me unpack my remaining boxes as well with highly interesting results. *sighs* At least she is in love with my apartment and wishes she could find one like this in Ohio for this price.

I need something exciting to do. Ideas anyone? Any good websites you know that work on a slow dial up?

*crashes from teh boredom of it all*
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This cracks me up.....

Guys, tired of having that condom circle worn into the leather of your wallet? Well, no fear! Trojan now makes a two pack of condoms that look like a credit card! Put it in your wallet and no one will know the difference.

Okay, seriously? Trojan really had to make this? Like every guy on the planet doesn't have the circle permanently imprinted in their wallet? And furthermore, does it really bother you guys that every time you pull out your wallet, people will see the condom ring and know that you are always packing?

For some reason this product just cracks me up. The commercial even goes on to saying it also fits in purses.....um, duh? I don't know about every woman, but most women can hide a full box of tampons in their purses. I am pretty sure there is room for a little condom...or a full fucking box of them.

Ooooh, and it snaps in two! Perfect for those couples going to swinging parties. "Here honey, one for you and one for me. Now go have fun and I will meet you back at the car at midnight."

*cracks up* Srsly, Trojan? LMFAO
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I thought this was pretty cool....

How cool is this? About a year ago, my absolute favorite restaurant (9 Irish Brothers) built their new location. Now I have only been there three other times, all four visits in total spread out over this past year (yeah, it's my favorite restaurant, but like all places, you need to have the money to go there lol).

Anyway, the second time I came in, the bartender remembered me. It was like two months after the first visit and both times I just had ordered take-out. He even remembered what I had ordered! This place is fairly busy, so all the faces would have been blurs to me let alone food orders.

The third time I go in, I actually sit down at the bar to eat, It was probably like three months since the previous time. Remembered me and my order again.

I go in today to get takeout. Now it has been a good six months at least since I was there. Bartender saw me, smiled, said hi and asked if I wanted my usual. lmao, it just blew me away. I just thought that was pretty cool.

It's kind of like my very own Cheers....sort of. LOL
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Okay, so just turned off my heat permanently (I hope) earlier this week.

Tonight, I woke up so hot that I dug out my fan and now Liam and I are cooling off in front of it.

Does anyone else miss Spring? LOL Feels like we just jumped straight into Summer.
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To all those friends who text me or want to text me.

Okay, so just a notice to everyone who currently text messages me or is thinking they want to: I work mostly nights. THerefore I usually do not wake up until 11am or 11:30am. Please, please, please for the love of all that is sacred do not text me (or call me for that matter) before this time! My phone is on because it serves as a second alarm clock and I am a very light sleeper and text message notifications do wake me up and make me rather grouchy....especially when you text me a stupid fwrd at 9:00 in the morning.

To recap, unless there is fire, flood, famine, death or loss of limb I need to know about, please keep all text messages to the hours from 11am until 3am. THose other hours in between are my quiet time!

Thank you!
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BJ true love by Kccat

Quote Help!

I need help citing a quote and I can't get a definitive answer anywhere! DOes anyone know for certain where this exact quote is from?

"It is not ours to question why. It is only ours to do and die."

The word "question" might be "reason", but I am not certain.

Hopefully someone will know this answer and I will greatly appreciate it!
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You know what would be fun? If J.K.R. went back and made a new HP book- but it would start from the beginning as a 'choose your adventure' novel. (I used to love those as a kid.)

Can't you see it; Harry arguing with the sorting hat- If you think Harry should ask the hat to put him in Gryffindor go to page 54, if you think Harry should ask the hat to put him in Slytherin go to page 62.

And then it could just go on from there: Should Harry help find Ginny Weasley? Go to page 389. Should Harry just laugh about it with Draco? Go to page 343.

I mean granted the book would be even bigger than my unabridged dictionary (which easily weighs 30 pounds), but it would be a blast.

Work and cats.

I don't wanna work. I want to bang on my drum all day. Guh. *flops dead* I hate Saturdays since I work the morning shift. You get so used to going to bed at 3am all the rest of the week and then BAM! you have to be up at seven am one day. I should work nights on Saturday, but then I hate those, too. Although I think my hate of that stems from when I was working in MA and we got all the weirdos on Saturday night. Maybe I just hate Saturdays and should take them all off. *falls back to bed*

And cats. Yes, interesting creatures. They can watch you in the bathroom with no care of your privacy. Like they have entitlement to watch you go, but the second you happen to glance at them while they are in the litter box, they glare at you as if there is no tomorrow. Stupid kitty double standars. Like, they can bite you, but you can't bite them. *snorts* Ridiculous.
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