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ETA 3-27-2006: This journal is currently under construction. No new friends will be added at this time.

Okay, had my foot surgery today. And I am already bored. LOL Doesn't help that I have no DSL and Mom is here, refusing to let me leave my apartment until my next apointment with Dr. Nick on Thursay.....NEXT Thursday. *flops dead*

She has taken it upon herself to help me unpack my remaining boxes as well with highly interesting results. *sighs* At least she is in love with my apartment and wishes she could find one like this in Ohio for this price.

I need something exciting to do. Ideas anyone? Any good websites you know that work on a slow dial up?

*crashes from teh boredom of it all*

Feelin': boredbored

Guys, tired of having that condom circle worn into the leather of your wallet? Well, no fear! Trojan now makes a two pack of condoms that look like a credit card! Put it in your wallet and no one will know the difference.

Okay, seriously? Trojan really had to make this? Like every guy on the planet doesn't have the circle permanently imprinted in their wallet? And furthermore, does it really bother you guys that every time you pull out your wallet, people will see the condom ring and know that you are always packing?

For some reason this product just cracks me up. The commercial even goes on to saying it also fits in purses.....um, duh? I don't know about every woman, but most women can hide a full box of tampons in their purses. I am pretty sure there is room for a little condom...or a full fucking box of them.

Ooooh, and it snaps in two! Perfect for those couples going to swinging parties. "Here honey, one for you and one for me. Now go have fun and I will meet you back at the car at midnight."

*cracks up* Srsly, Trojan? LMFAO

Feelin': amusedamused

How cool is this? About a year ago, my absolute favorite restaurant (9 Irish Brothers) built their new location. Now I have only been there three other times, all four visits in total spread out over this past year (yeah, it's my favorite restaurant, but like all places, you need to have the money to go there lol).

Anyway, the second time I came in, the bartender remembered me. It was like two months after the first visit and both times I just had ordered take-out. He even remembered what I had ordered! This place is fairly busy, so all the faces would have been blurs to me let alone food orders.

The third time I go in, I actually sit down at the bar to eat, It was probably like three months since the previous time. Remembered me and my order again.

I go in today to get takeout. Now it has been a good six months at least since I was there. Bartender saw me, smiled, said hi and asked if I wanted my usual. lmao, it just blew me away. I just thought that was pretty cool.

It's kind of like my very own Cheers....sort of. LOL

Feelin': surprisedsurprised

Okay, so just turned off my heat permanently (I hope) earlier this week.

Tonight, I woke up so hot that I dug out my fan and now Liam and I are cooling off in front of it.

Does anyone else miss Spring? LOL Feels like we just jumped straight into Summer.

Feelin': hothot

Okay, so just a notice to everyone who currently text messages me or is thinking they want to: I work mostly nights. THerefore I usually do not wake up until 11am or 11:30am. Please, please, please for the love of all that is sacred do not text me (or call me for that matter) before this time! My phone is on because it serves as a second alarm clock and I am a very light sleeper and text message notifications do wake me up and make me rather grouchy....especially when you text me a stupid fwrd at 9:00 in the morning.

To recap, unless there is fire, flood, famine, death or loss of limb I need to know about, please keep all text messages to the hours from 11am until 3am. THose other hours in between are my quiet time!

Thank you!

Feelin': annoyedannoyed

I need help citing a quote and I can't get a definitive answer anywhere! DOes anyone know for certain where this exact quote is from?

"It is not ours to question why. It is only ours to do and die."

The word "question" might be "reason", but I am not certain.

Hopefully someone will know this answer and I will greatly appreciate it!

Feelin': curiouscurious

You know what would be fun? If J.K.R. went back and made a new HP book- but it would start from the beginning as a 'choose your adventure' novel. (I used to love those as a kid.)

Can't you see it; Harry arguing with the sorting hat- If you think Harry should ask the hat to put him in Gryffindor go to page 54, if you think Harry should ask the hat to put him in Slytherin go to page 62.

And then it could just go on from there: Should Harry help find Ginny Weasley? Go to page 389. Should Harry just laugh about it with Draco? Go to page 343.

I mean granted the book would be even bigger than my unabridged dictionary (which easily weighs 30 pounds), but it would be a blast.

I don't wanna work. I want to bang on my drum all day. Guh. *flops dead* I hate Saturdays since I work the morning shift. You get so used to going to bed at 3am all the rest of the week and then BAM! you have to be up at seven am one day. I should work nights on Saturday, but then I hate those, too. Although I think my hate of that stems from when I was working in MA and we got all the weirdos on Saturday night. Maybe I just hate Saturdays and should take them all off. *falls back to bed*

And cats. Yes, interesting creatures. They can watch you in the bathroom with no care of your privacy. Like they have entitlement to watch you go, but the second you happen to glance at them while they are in the litter box, they glare at you as if there is no tomorrow. Stupid kitty double standars. Like, they can bite you, but you can't bite them. *snorts* Ridiculous.

Feelin': exhaustedexhausted

Cut for lengthy post.Collapse )

So, I just realized something today:

When I first made my livejournal, I had put up a friends only banner and pre-dated it far in the future so it would always remain at the top.

Um, yeah, that date is coming up in three months.

Crazy how fast time goes, isn't it?

Feelin': amusedamused

When someone is asking who is at their door, wouldn't the typical response be to reply?

Someone was just loudly pounding at my door (yes, I was awake, but still in my pjs) and I kept asking who was there. No answer, just another loud bang. Yeah, like I am going to open the door for that. Morgan (my goth girl cutout) is still on my front door therefore I have no peephole. Finally after five times of asking, I finally get an answer; Fedex. Um, couldn't you just say that from the get go? Then I wouldn't have left your ass out in the cold.

Anyway, wow, something from Fedex-last time I got a package was in November from Amazon when I bought the Collectors Ed of Serenity and before that was my birthday in June from my pals in MA. I open it up and it is leather gloves from L.L. Bean from my mom of all people. LOL I am going to have to tease her for this one since L.L. Bean is located up in Maine. Makes me miss New England even more. LOL

Eek, my hands are still shaking from the surprise of the sudden person at my door.

Feelin': nervousnervous

I am trying desperately to remember the name of an actor and am finding it impossible! I have no idea of anything they are in, but I do have a vague desription!

He is between 21 to 35, medium build and has either brown hair or sandy brown-blond hair. He goes professionally by three names (i.e. Jonathan Rhys Meyers).

If you all could list anyone that fits that description so I could possibly find him, I would forever be in your debt! I know this sounds silly to you all (especially since I have no idea what he has been in-for some reason my conscious is lingering on LOTR but I really don't think that is correct), but it is sort of important to me!


Feelin': curiouscurious

Erm, yeah. Just got finished wrapping a plastic garbage bag around my foot and securing it at the the ankle with packing tape I pilfered from work from when thesnapelyone moved back home. I was told I have a pinched nerve in my right foot near the toes so it is currently all wrapped up and padded on the arch for a week or two so I can put most of the pressure there during the day.

Am not supposed to get padding and tape wet, so what was the first thing that happened to me last night? As I was cooking, a can of pineapple juice overturned onto my foot, soaking the top of my sock. LMAO

My new name here on will be Grace. LOL

Feelin': amusedamused

Am on a mission to see all new movies this month, since when I go to the video store I usually just puss out and rent all the same old shit. No more! LOL


Full Metal Jacket, spoiler alertCollapse )

At any rate, highly recommended. I must see more of Kubrick's stuff.

Feelin': calmcalm

Let's see, what is new. Oh, made a new colorbar:

Just too pretty.

Whee! Now if only I could figure out how to do that neat little text box thing so people could gack it if they wanted it....then I could offer it to other Firefly fans....hmm. Thanks to son_of_darkness (in a round about way), I found out how to do this! *squees*

Also watched "My Bodyguard" thanks to a rec from krycek_chick which was pretty good for a movie that is old as I am. On Sunday, I watched "Slither" and I just have to share with you all how much of a pussy I am. So, I rented them both on Friday night and it was late so I didn't want to watch "Slither" late at night because I knew it was a horror movie (and that was all I knew). Saturday I chickened out because it was already dark out. Sunday, I came really close to chickening out even though it was daylight, but I buckled down and watched it anyway. Um, yeah, it is horror comedy. *shakes head, laughing* And wowza on the extras! Totally worthwhile rental!

Today back at work for a mandatory six day work week with one less assistant manager whose last day was Saturday. Five night shifts and one day shift. I may die before Sunday night.

And now I have a needy cat to attend to who is currently head butting my back, looking for attention.

Ta for now, darlings. ;)

Movie RamblingsCollapse )

Next on my list of movies to rent are: "Full Metal Jacket", "I Think I Love My Wife", "Knocked Up", "Predator 2" (loved the first) and "Slither". Can anyone shed any light on if these movies would be worth it at all?

Feelin': geekygeeky

News from N.E. is that Mick is doing better. They have apparently moved him out of critical condition into stable. Thank all! And thank everyone for their thoughts and kind words. They are planning operations for skin grafts next week, so hopefully all will go well with that. *crosses fingers*

And in other news-tres excitement! Both of my assistant managers made PROS! (PROS is basically a promotion program that is extremely difficult to get into for management, because the upper levels can be so nit-picky on shit.) I am so, so very excited and proud of them! It's also nice to work with a DSM that actually wants it's employees to suceed within the company.

One of those things you read about in the paper and it always happens to someone else. Never you. Never someone you know.

Wednesday night, Danielle* and Candace's* (my MA and RI friends) brother, Mick*, was put at a friends for dinner. He drank a little too much and went out to his car to have a smoke. He passed out from the alcohol with a lit ciggerette in his hand.

Now, mind you, he is a painter and carpenter. His car is filled with paint and paint thinner. The car caught on fire needless to say while he was passed out cold. His friends happened to look out the window and saw what was happening. They tried to get him out but the door was locked so they broke the window with a hammer to pull him out. When the oxygen hit the inside of the car, it exploded.

Thanksgiving day, Candace, Danielle and their family get the call that he is in critical condition at a Rhode Island hospital (and is still in critical). He has third degree burns over 40% of his body and they are still not sure if he is going to make it. One of his lungs is completely burned as is his face, arms, chest, back and backside. If he survives, they are going to have to amputate one of his hands.

I just am so shocked and saddened by this news. You feel so helpless since there is really nothing to be done, but sit around and wait and offer a friendly ear and shoulder to cry on. I wish I could be there for my friends.

You think it could never happen to someone you know and love. Hopefully this serves as a reminder to everyone to be safe and use caution this holiday season. Even though none of you know him, I ask you to please keep Mick in your thoughts.

*Names changed to protect the familiy's privacy.

Feelin': worriedworried

Things I am thankful for this Black Friday:

1. Not having to go into work at 11:30pm Thanksgiving night and working until 9am the next morning.

2. Not having to go into work an hour early just to find a parking spot.

3. Not having to look at Spanky's fake cheerful face at five am.

4. Not having to hear people bitch about boots being put on their car or their car being towed because they were stupid enough to park on the grass.

5. Not having to put up with an overabundace of nasty people. A small amount that was today is acceptable.

6. Not having to sleep all through Thanksgiving just so I don't fall asleep at work.

7. Not having people fight over my parking space when I leave.


8. Not having to wait in my car, after my 8/9 hour shift is over, in traffic, for over three hours trying to get out of the mall parking lot!

w00t! It's only 9:30 and I am already home! And no customers after 7:30pm! Now, that is one damn good Black Friday!

Now I am off to spend the last night with Mom before she goes home. *wibble*

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving!

Feelin': ecstaticecstatic
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